WhatsApp Will Soon Block Alerts For Groups With More Than 256 Members

Last Updated: November 13, 2022, 13:11 IST

WhatsApp group alerts can be really annoying

WhatsApp Group is a useful tool for many users but having hundreds of members in one group brings it own issues.

WhatsApp started Groups many years, and it is fair to say that the groups can be helpful and annoying at the same time. WhatsApp now lets you add more than 256 members to a group, with their consent of course. But that means you can be bombarded with hundreds of group notifications, which can a sore sight on your phone’s lockscreen.

So, people tend to mute groups to avoid such incidents, but WhatsApp is now bringing a feature that will automatically mute groups that have more than 256 members. The messaging app is now capable of having 1024 members in one group, and the Meta-owned platform clearly realises the importance of user’s having their privacy.

The automatic mute feature is available in the beta version for WhatsApp users currently, and once the tests are completed with no bugs reported, expect WhatsApp to release the feature publicly for all users. It is one of the many features that WhatsApp is testing behind the scenes with its beta users.


WhatsApp opens up the beta tester window every now and then, and people can always keep an eye out for the window when it is open.

But group muting isn’t the only feature that WhatsApp has been looking at recently. The WhatsApp version on iOS is getting the ability to edit messages before you send them. The feature works when the user long-presses any message. If you send a message after editing, WhatsApp will add the label Edited to alert the receiver of the message.

The report mentions that WhatsApp will keep a limit of 15 minutes within which the user can edit a sent message. But it is likely that WhatsApp is not going to limit the edit feature to messages. The tipster suggests that in the future WhatsApp could also let users edit the photo captions/text as well. Editing is in popular demand.

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