Sidharth Malhotra blushes on meeting a young Kiara at Thank God screening. Watch | Bollywood

Sidharth Malhotra ran into Kiara at the screening of his film Thank God in Mumbai on Tuesday. And before someone points out that his girlfriend and fellow actor Kiara Advani actually accompanied him to the event, we’d like to clarify that is not the Kiara we are talking about. In a video from the screening, Sidharth comes face to face with a young fan with the same name. The actor’s reaction to meeting his girlfriend’s namesake has fans in split. Also read: Sidharth Malhotra blushes as Karan Johar teases him about Kiara Advani. Watch

The video was shared by several fan clubs of Sidharth and Kiara on social media on Wednesday. It shows Sidharth clicking pictures and selfies with fans after the screening’s conclusion. At one point, a young girl comes up to him for a picture, following which Sidharth asks who is clicking the picture. Someone off camera tells him they are, before a female voice tells Sidharth, “This is my daughter Kiara.” A visibly surprised Sidharth responds, “Oh Kiara? Lovely.” He then smiles and continues to click the picture.

Fans reacted to this meeting and many claimed that Sidharth was blushing when he heard Kiara’s name. One fan commented on an Instagram post, “Sid can’t stop blushing. So funny!” Another fan responded to a tweet with the video and wrote, “So cute Sid’s reaction.” Many others found Sidharth ‘blushing’ quite funny.

Sidharth and Kiara Advani worked together in the 2021 film Shershaah and have been dating ever since. While the actors themselves hadn’t spoken about their relationship publicly, it was made official when filmmaker Karan Johar dropped the ball on his talk show Koffee With Karan recently. Karan stated it matter-of-factly in the episode when Sidharth was the guest along with Vicky Kaushal.

Kiara and Sidharth are regularly spotted together in Mumbai. Their most recent appearance together was on Tuesday itself, when they arrived for Thank God’s screening. Kiara’s mother and grandmother also attended the screening, leading many fans to speculate that things were ‘getting serious’ between the two.

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