‘Secular and regional forces need to join hands to defeat BJP, RSS’

Communist Party of India (CPI) national general secretary D. Raja said that there is a need to defeat BJP and RSS combine in the 2024 general elections to save democracy, secularism and nation and for that all secular forces must join hands. He said that the same policy would be followed even in Telangana.

“The country may face catastrophe if the BJP comes to power third time, which has been completing second term. While taking charge as Prime Minister in the first term, Narendra Modi has promised least government intervention and best ruling. But the reality is that the ruling is going under dictatorship and the country is moving towards collapsing stage. There is a need to bring unity among all the secular, democratic forces and regional parties to save the nation,” said Mr. Raja while addressing the CPI State Committee meeting held here on Wednesday. He said that the same principal of joining hands with regional and secular parties would continue in Telangana also.

Stating that the fear of public outburst against BJP is visible not only at Gujarat but also in all other states like Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, now going for elections, Mr. Raja said that this has been reflecting in the speeches of both Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. He said that people are egerly waiting for the outcome of election results from Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and also from Nagaland and Tripura elections which were scheduled for later.

The meeting was presided over by party state committee member T. Srinivas. CPI State secretary K. Sambasiva Rao, national secretaries K. Narayana, Syed Azeez Pasha, state committee member Chada Venkata Reddy and others have attended the meeting.

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