Qala trailer: Tripti Dimri is a 1940s’ singer jealous of rival Babil Khan’s rise | Bollywood

The trailer for Tripti Dimri-starrer film Qala was released on Tuesday evening. The musical thriller is set in the 1940s and sees Tripti play the titular classical musician, Qala, who hates music. The trailer got fans quite intrigued and many compared its vibes to Natalie Portman’s award-winning film Black Swan. Also read: Qala poster shows Tripti Dimri’s classical singer avatar, release date announced

The trailer begins with a spotlight on Qala with a voice asking her if she likes music. “No, I hate it,” she responds. We are then transported into a colour-corrected Kolkata (Calcutta back then) from the 1940s where Qala is working as a singer. She is feted with golden vinyls and adored by fans. She even gets featured in the newspapers with the Prime Minister, no less. However, she still does not have the approval of her mother (Swastika Mukherjee).

Enter a new ‘hero’ called Jagan (Babil Khan in his film debut), who is ‘good at replacing people’. The tone of the trailer shifts to a more tense one as we see Qala is apparently losing her ability to sing as well as her confidence. She descends into what appears to be depression and isolation fuelled by her insecurity about Jagan’s rise.

Reacting to the trailer, one fan wrote, “Kind of reminded me of Black Swan to some extent. Not sure if anyone else got the vibes. Nonetheless, this one’s going to be an amazing one it seems.” Another commented, “The sheer amount of talent packed in this project is just commendable.” Many praised the performance of Tripti based on what they saw in the trailer. “Seeing Tripti Dimri after Bulbbul, she carries that charisma so effortlessly. This kind of ultra feminine beauty is so enchanting,” read one comment.

Qala’s official synopsis reads, “Set in 1940s Kolkata, Qala chronicles the complicated relationship between a young singer and her mother. Will all her sacrifices be worth the success she gets?” Written and directed by Anvitaa Dutt, the film has been produced by Karnesh Ssharma under his banner Clean Slate Filmz. It also stars Amit Sial, Abhishek Banerjee among others. The film will release on Netflix on December 1.

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