People tried to bury me, reject me, but I fought back: Raveena Tandon | Bollywood

Actor Raveena Tandon, who recently celebrated her 48th birthday, recalls how difficult it was to survive in the industry, which is riddled with dirty politics. “Despite having such a great father, people tried to bury me, and reject me, but every time I fought back. This was never easy. And this really bothers me about this industry that a real talented person never gets the chance to prove themselves easily,” she says, adding, “I don’t appreciate the dirty politics that’s been going on in the industry for ages. In my 30-year-long career, I have seen so many people struggling to keep afloat and fight back. Some survive, some don’t and that’s so shattering to watch.”

Tandon, who has been a part of several box-office hits, including Mohra (1994) and Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (1996), goes on to highlight the gender discrimination that’s been prevalent in showbiz and how things are changing for the better. She says, “Female actors were always been given a side role…asked to do the romantic parts. There were no interesting and eye-catching roles for females long back. But now, the industry has changed a lot. And I’m liking it. Nowadays females do get several strong roles where they can pull off the whole movie. People’s mindsets have also evolved. People are giving shout-outs to those strong characters. People are supporting them hugely. My roles as Kasturi Dogra (Aranyak) or Ramika Sen (K.G.F: Chapter 2), were loved.”

On her birthday, the actor also discusses new work goals that she has set for the coming years. “I don’t want to be typecast after Aranyak. At this stage of my career, I want to explore more genres and want to be remembered for my versatility.”. Let’s see what life has chosen for me!”

As far as personal growth is concerned, Tandon mentions that she has taken a very active interest in her well-being and is feeling less stressed as compared to the last year. “It is always a challenge to manage work and family together. But I see that I am less worried over small things. It is progressing well as my sleep is much better,” she shares.

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