Monica Dogra falls in love with French DJ, says, ‘Nazar na lag jaye’ (Exclusive) | Bollywood

After being single for some time, actor Monica Dogra has found love again. From what we have gathered, Dogra, who is currently in the US, is dating French musician Victorien Mulliez. When we reached out to the Cartel actor, she confirmed the news with us. “We met in California through mutual friends at a (musical) concert,” she admits, adding, “Love is all there is. Nazar na lag jaye.”

Talking about her partner, Dogra, 39, shares “Victorien is a fantastic musician and a well known DJ from France. He has toured around the world and performed at iconic musical concerts. First and foremost, we connect through our spiritual practices and pursuits.”

Although the two are madly in love, Dogra is not intending to rush things by exchanging rings. “We are just a year in and neither of us is focused on anything like that,” Dogra clarifies when asked about any plans of wedding or engagement.

This is probably the first time, The Married Woman actor has come out in the open about her relationship and has gone public. She states, “I like to take things at my own pace and never really enjoyed sharing my personal life to the press in my past. But I also feel like just throwing caution to the wind and surrendering control. Letting things be what they are.”

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