MEIL opens skill development centre at Bhoothpur in Mahabubnagar

Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) chairman P.P. Reddy said that skill development is a stepping stone for nation building and it was necessary to improve the skills of the youth and students.

Addressing a gathering after inaugurating a Skill Development Centre at Bhoothpur in Mahabubnagar district on Wednesday, Mr. Reddy said: “MEIL believes in giving back to the society by positively impacting lives. We believe that if the community develops, society develops, and if the society develops, the nation develops. This new programme and facility through MEIL Foundation are in sync with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of nation building.”

MEIL Foundation, a subsidiary of MEIL, has initiated this Skill Development Centre and Programme to enhance employability and bridge the gap between learning and work. He said that the future of India is in the hands of its youth, and timely intervention through skill development programmes can better their lives and give them gainful employment.

“Companies will no longer have to train freshers if they pick our students as they will be already trained to begin the job. The skill development programme is a golden opportunity for youth to embark on a fruitful and skilful professional life. Now, you are a part of the MEIL family. Whatever training and education are imparted in this centre, invest your heart and soul in learning well. Don’t think of failure or the past, develop yourself and go ahead in life, be it in India or globally and make MEIL proud,” Mr. Reddy told students.

This fully-residential training programme imparts skill development to students in the roles of supervisor electrician, assistant electrician, electrician, fabricator, construction fitter, storekeeper and store assistant.

Students will be regularly assessed. In the end of the course, besides giving certificates, a campus selection programme will be organised for students.

Corporates from various industries will be invited to select worthy candidates for employment. During the full 45-day skill training and enhancement programme, the MEIL Foundation will bear all the expenses of students, starting from boarding, food, books and other requirements.

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