Kanti Velugu: 2,05,585 people screened on Thursday

A total of 2,05,585 people were screened on Thursday for Kanti Velugu programme across the State, taking the cumulative number to 21,12,136.

Of the total screenings, 96,770 were males, 1,08,533 were females and 44 were transgenders. Also, 36,477 reading glasses were handed over and another 23,991 people were identified for prescription spectacles. There were 1,45,111 people found with no eye related issues during the screening. 

Till now, screening has been completed in 855 gram panchayats and 360 wards. The screening is currently in progress at 980 gram panchayats and 536 wards. A total of 4,59,335 reading glasses have been handed over till now and 3,14,688 people have been identified for prescription glasses.

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