International Men’s Day 2022: Tips for men to take care of their mental health

International Men’s Day 2022: The special day is here. The day is dedicated to the men of the world and address the issues faced by them. Celebrated annually on November 19 all over the world, International Men’s Day is the day when awareness on the wellbeing and the struggles of men in their lives are raised. Men, just like women, are also subjected to the gender stereotypes and the rules laid down by the society. This further makes them face problems. Often men are not able to address the issues that they face, because of the gender conditioning since childhood. One such important issue is their mental health.

It is a general notion that women face more mental health-related issues than men. However, that’s only because more women address the problems that they face. Due to the gender conditioning since childhood, men have difficulties in opening up and being vulnerable. Hence, they do not address their mental health-related problems. Often symptoms of mental health conditions include anger, irritability, frustration, substance abuse and persistent worries. In such situations, men should learn to take care of their mental health. Here are a few tips:

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Social connections: Having friends and a social group where you are not judged for the way you are, or a space where you can share your vulnerabilities is an important way of taking care of yourself.

Hobbies: It is important to take your mind off work with an activity which helps you to rejuvenate. It can be gardening, trekking, traveling, cooking, etc. Something which you do just because you love and enjoy doing it helps in staying happy.

Exercise: Regular exercise and physical activities help in reducing the risk of anxiety and depression. It also helps in feeling fresh, boosts digestion, increases appetite and drives you to a healthier lifestyle.

Nourishment: The body should be provided with the daily dose of nourishment, through a healthier diet and a lifestyle, junk food, smoking and drinking should be avoided, and instead fruits and vegetables should be had in ample amounts.

Therapy: When things get out of control, it is best to seek help from a mental health expert. A therapist can help in sharing tips in reducing stress, depression and anxiety issues.

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