Instagram Is Now Adding Schedule Feature For Posts And Reels For Users

Last Updated: November 10, 2022, 18:27 IST

Instagram is enhancing its scheduling feature

Instagram already has this feature for posts but now creators are getting more tools to enhance their experience on the app.

Instagram is moving beyond photos and videos, the platform is equally focused on content and messages. And to show its importance, Instagram is bringing scheduled posts and Reels feature for users. You might say the feature has been already there, but now Instagram wants to help creators get their content scheduled for up to 75 days.

The new tool is available in the Advanced Settings section of the Instagram app. Instagram has confirmed this option will be rolling out to users in the coming weeks.

In addition to this, the app now has Achievements section which also caters to the creators on the app. Instagram realises the potential of this market, and with new initiatives like these, the app wants to give more incentives for creators to stay on its platform.

The app will tell them when they have unlocked some achievement, and the creators can also keep a track of all the rewards they have got from their activities on Instagram.

The platform is testing new ways to attract more users, one of them being with its focus on videos over photos, something that Adam Mosseri, Chief at Instagram has talked about in the past few months. Instagram has tested the 9:16 format for posts, which didn’t go down well with users, and Mosseri and Co. decided to take it back.

Meta is making a broad set of changes to its content policies, which includes Instagram as well. Users on the app will get improved protection against hateful messages, allowing users to block such accounts and more updates. You also have the hidden words feature that will automatically remove all the unwanted content from the comments users get via a post on the platform.

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