Indus Community Playtest 2 Registrations Live; Experience Made-In-India Battle Royale At Comic Con

Indus, a homegrown Indo-Futuristic battle royale game, will have its second playtest on November 19 and 20 at Comic Con Bengaluru. Indus is currently under development at Pune-based developer, SuperGaming, and it will launch on mobile, PC and consoles.

SuperGaming has already held a playtest earlier this year in August; this event would mark the second time the community gets its hands on Indus. The second playtest event is currently invite-only and interested gamers can sign up for access via this form

The developer, SuperGaming claims that the second playtest during Comic Con will allow players to access Indus’ latest build and play against fellow community members and the developers themselves. The second playtest also offers a slew of changes compared to the first playtest in August.

These are the changes that the players can expect:

  • Improved visuals, environments, and foliage.
  • UI and menu improvements.
  • New weapons, melee combat, and gyro support.
  • New playable paragons (Indus character skins).
  • 60 fps framerate target.
  • As opposed to the original playtest’s single area, the entire map of Virlok will be playable to showcase the scope of battle royale.
  • Hosting up to 250 players to check the game out versus the first playtest’s 25. Ten instances of 25 players at any given time.

Players are welcome to share feedback to influence SuperGaming as it makes its “most ambitious title yet.” Moreover, all invited players get an Indus Battle Kit consisting of memorabilia to celebrate SuperGaming’s community and collaborative gaming. 

Although there are a limited number of entries, those chosen to attend the event will be notified by email or phone. 

Pune-based SuperGaming is also the developer behind MaskGun and Silly Royale games.

“Indus is at a stage where within the dev teams we are able to play it in-house regularly, complete with all the feedback from our first community playtest in it,” says SuperGaming co-founder and CEO Roby John. “Now we want to open it up to all of you to try it out — bugs, glitches, and all. Your feedback will help us build a better game.” 

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