Indian Govt Warns Apple iPhone and iPad Users About This High Security Issue: Update Now

Apple users have been alerted about a new security issue, termed as high risk by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) on October 26. The security agency says that both iPhone and iPad users with the latest iPadOS 16 and the iOS version before 16 are affected. This risk is capable of allowing attackers to access your devices remotely, which allows them to gather confidential data and steal information for ransom.

CERT-In iPhone and iPad Warning: Who Are Affected

As per the advisory from CERT-In, iOS 16.1, and versions prior to 16.0.3 along with the iPadOS versions prior to 16 are affected by the vulnerability categorised as CVE-2022-42827. The note also mentions the Apple devices affected by this issue:

– iPhone 8 and later
– iPad Pro all models
– iPad Air 3rd gen and later
– iPad 5th gen and later
– iPad mini 5th gen and later

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Security Issues In iPad And iPhone

The advisory clearly states the vulnerabilities that can be observed on these Apple devices. These include improper security restrictions in AppleMobileFileIntegrity component, improper bounds check in Avevideoencoder component; improper validation in CrNetwork component, improper entitlement in Core Bluetooth componen, improper memory handling in GPU Drivers component, memory corruption issue in IOHIDFamily component, improper security restrictions and Improper path validation in Sandbox component and a few more.

iPad And iPhone Security Risk: Should You Be Worried?

The vulnerabilities listed above allows a remote attacker to exploit and persuade the victim to open a specially crafted file or application. On successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities, the attacker could gain access to sensitive information, execute arbitrary code, spoofing of the interface address or denial of service conditions on the targeted system.

So, how does one protect their devices from these risk? Apple has already issued a software patch to fix the issue and we suggest you to update the iPad and iPhone right away. You can get the update via Settings – Software Update – Automatic Update enabled.

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