In Bed With Aditya Seal, “The only time I don’t check my phone is while I’m sleeping”

“I used to study for my school exams while doing a headstand!” laughs Aditya Seal, revealing his silly side. “I am someone that will break into a dance move in the middle of an important conversation.”

The ever-energetic, Mumbai born and raised actor had to give up on his dream of being a cricketer due to an injury. It was when his late father insisted he focus on his acting skills that he landed a pivotal role in the film Ek Chhotisi Love Story. Since then, he paved his way with films such as Purani Jeans, Tum Bin 2 and Student of The

Year 2. And he even met Will Smith. “I idolise him as an actor.”

Seal considers his film Rocket Gang his biggest professional achievement. How does he wind down? By playing board games like Catan with friends. That is, when he’s not working or on one of the bi-annual trips he ensures he takes. “I either travel with Anushka, my partner, and explore a new country, or I go with two of my guy friends to the mountains,” he says.

List three things people don’t know about you.

1. I have a tattoo on my back in Hindi.

2. I stayed for a month in South Korea in a room which had no fan, AC or windows. And I made my own food, though I know nothing about cooking.

3. I have a third degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Your favourite podcast?

Dave Chappelle.

A song that makes you emotional?

Naina Da Kya Kasoor is my happy song. Makes me smile every single time.

Do you believe in going to bed angry?

Absolutely not. I make it a point to not go to sleep angry.

Who according to you has bedroom eyes?

Riya Sen.

Do you find nights romantic?

Absolutely. I like the peace and quiet, and having fewer people around.

The last person you apologised to?

Anushka. She’s very hands-on, but I am a tad lazy. My mess was all over the room for days.

Besides your wife, who is the last person you converse with before going to bed?

Every night, at 10.30pm, my sister, her daughters (eight and two years old), my mom and I get on a video call. It’s a ritual.

Would you survive alone on a marooned island?

Yes. I’m skilled for survival. I’ll do better than just coconuts.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


{ Bedside stories }

What do you wear to bed?

Mismatched shorts and tees.

A bedtime habit you want to get rid of?

I fall down a rabbit hole if I touch my phone before sleeping. I need to stop.

What do you think of on the nights when you wake up suddenly at 3am?

I am a late sleeper, so, I’m probably awake at that time.

Do you believe that dreams have a message?

I’m sure they do.

Do you lounge in bed after waking up or immediately start your day?

I brush and head to the living room. If I am left alone, I won’t get out of bed for hours.

{This or that}

Mumbai or Delhi?

Mumbai. Delhi has extreme temperatures.

Love notes by cellphone or handwritten love letters?

Handwritten feels more personal.

George Clooney or Jack Nicholson?

George Clooney. No one carries themselves like he does.

Mocktails or cocktails?


From HT Brunch, November 12, 2022

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