Hyderabad’s Iconart gallery moots 30-day art challenge, entries open till November 20

Iconart gallery’s initiative attempts to foster better interaction between emerging artists 

Iconart gallery’s initiative attempts to foster better interaction between emerging artists 

Hyderabad-based Iconart gallery has made an open call for entries, inviting artists to participate in a 30-day art challenge. Artists specialising in mixed media and watercolour paintings, drawings, sculpture and printmaking can participate; the 30-day interactive programme that will begin on November 25, is not limited by a theme. 

Avani Rao Gandra, artist and curator of Iconart, says the initiative emerged from observing the need to foster increased interaction between emerging artists in a post-lockdown scenario. “Prior to the pandemic, artists would actively visit galleries and interact with their peers, so there was an easier exchange of ideas. Residency programmes further bolstered interaction. Several artists worked in isolation in their studios or homes during the pandemic. Though many of them shared their work online, soon there was a sense of saturation about viewing artworks on social media. Many of them wanted to get back to face-to-face interactions.”

Entries are open till November 20. Artists who have been practising for 10-15 years can apply. “The preference is towards modern-contemporary artists in different streams — painting, sculpture and printmaking. We will form a WhatsApp group where each participant shares their artwork, big or small, each day. Those working on a large format artwork can share their progress each day. This sort of community interaction can help better interaction and inculcate a sense of discipline to practice art on a daily basis,” adds Avani. After the gallery announced the programme a few days ago, 25 artists have shown interest. Three selected artworks of each artist will be exhibited in a group show from January 1, 2023, at Iconart.

(To register, email iconartinfo@gmail.com)

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