Google Chrome New Update Offers Fix For Major Security Issue: Get It Now

Google Chrome on PC is getting an important security update this week, and all Windows, mac and Linux users should update to their latest version of Chrome right away. It is vital that you update because any vulnerable could be remotely attacked, which is always a big concern for consumers and businesses.

Google isn’t giving all the details about the security issue that has demanded this update, but users should be getting the new version in the coming days and weeks. Google has packaged around 10 updates that are ready to be rolled out, and six of these are categorised as high severity. All the details are given here.

The remote mode of the attack is possible because of the security issue affecting the heap, which is a pre-defined area on the PC where some of the programs store their data.

As for the Chrome versions that users need to update, the Chrome security patch for mac and Linux users will be 107.0.5304.110 and if you use Chrome on Windows, the version you need to get is 107.0.5304.106.107. Both the patches will be rolling out soon.

Google also used this incident to thank its bug bounty researchers to help them identify bugs such as these, for which the company offers rewards, based on the severity of the issue discovered and reported.

Chrome issues tend to pop up regularly, and this year itself we have seen multiple incidents for both mobile and PC users for Chrome. Back in July, Chrome for Android had reported a major issue, for which it had issued an update. Chrome version 103.0.506.71 running on Android phones was told to install the new patch to fix the issue right away.

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