Gmail Is Fully Switching To The New Material You Design, Can’t Use Original View Anymore

Last Updated: November 09, 2022, 18:34 IST

Gmail’s interface is changing for good

Gmail introduced the new Material You design in June this year but users had the option to use the older interface as well.

Gmail is now confident about its new Material You design, so much that it is now making it the default look for users. Before this, people on Gmail were given the choice to try out the new design or they can revert to the older ‘original view’ whenever they wanted.

But that option is not available anymore, so every Gmail user will now have Chat and Google Meet (or Duo) available on the main screen of the app. Google confirms that the new-look Gmail will be rolling out for all its Workspace users in the coming weeks. Gmail doesn’t get a lot of changes and mostly it has been offered new features.

So, when the new-look design rolled out, everyone thought Google will keep it limited to the mobile devices, since the new Android versions 12 and 13 have picked up the design language. But the fact that Gmail is bringing this design by default for the web users means there will be uniformity in its usage, which makes sense.

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One must also understand that Gmail now integrates other products like Chat and Meet with the platform, allowing people to quickly access video meetings or audio calls through the popular mailing client itself. Changes have been the theme for Google in the past few weeks. Messages app got a new icon which has rolled out to Android phones.

As for Gmail, Google is going to offer in-mail delivery tracking for packages in the US very soon. Unlike most delivery clients, Gmail will show all the updates at the top your inbox and even give you status of the package.

Google is partnering with the top courier operators in the US so most people’s shopping will be covered. We don’t know if Gmail will be getting this useful feature to other markets anytime soon.

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