‘Food technology provides employment’ – The Hindu

Food technology provides empowerment, nutritional density food, and not just that, it really provides job opportunities, said professor Vijaya Khader, former dean of Home Science at Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad.

Ms. Vijaya Khader delivered a talk on the subject of career planning, research activities, and how budding students can apply the expertise of food science and technology in other sectors like pharma and chemistry. The Department of Food Science & Technology, GITAM School of Science, Hyderabad, in collaboration with the Directorate of External Relations, organised the guest lecture.

“The annual wastage of agricultural produce is almost 30%, equivalent to ₹580 crore, due to inadequate storage and processing facilities. The wasted food can feed almost 232 million people,” she explained.

Dr. Vijaya Khader said food technology can directly contribute to food security through the enhancement of nutrient density. She also opined that the establishment of tiny and cottage-scale for processing industries in rural areas would help empower a rural woman which contributes to livelihood security.

Food safety, quality control, and product development are also important, but the aspirant’s aptitude and interest are important to choose the career path, Prof. Vijaya Khader said while answering the questions raised by the students.

Prof. Uma Maheswari Kodi, head, Department of FST, Dr. Ramakanth Bal, career fulfilment officer, Career Guidance Cell, Dr. Ajay Kumar Swarnakar, Dr. Niharika Gemedar and others were present.

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