Apple Users Will See More Ads In App Store From Now: Here’s Why

Last Updated: October 25, 2022, 16:12 IST

App Store will show more ads

Apple is looking to increase its ad revenues in the future and this new change is going to help its case in the coming years.

Apple is now joining the ads arena with a broader focus on ads with its App Store. The changes come into effect on October 25, and iPhone users will start seeing more ads in the App Store.

The ads will mostly be app-related, giving users the extra push to try these advertised apps. It is not like Apple has not shown its users ads before, but now they will be visible in more sections of the App Store.

Apple has been talking about these changes for a while but this week it becomes a reality for iPhone and iPad users as well. Apple has reportedly sent out an email to its developers informing them about more ads being plastered across the App Store. These changes will be visible in many countries, except for China.

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The ads are basically app recommendations that are powered by Apple. Apple will clearly tell you that any app placement is an ad with a label in blue colour below it. Apple has staked a claim to being a privacy champion, but even for a company that is valued at around a trillion dollars, ads are a crucial part of its operations.

It is quite obvious that Apple has chosen a different route with advertising for its platforms. Instead of targeting brands with ads, it wants developers to connect more widely with users and what better way to do that than show ads for their apps. Apple will rely on different identifiers to target a larger base of iPhone users with these ads inside the App Store.

Another report this year has mentioned that Apple wants to increase its ad revenue to around $10 billion every year in the near future, and strategies such as these can go a long way in making that happen.

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