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Each woman’s menstruation cycle is unique. Depending on your health and body, bleeding might last anywhere from two days to a full week. You may have a flow that is light and hardly apparent or one that is painful. If you do get cramps, they could be light or very painful. There’s probably no need to worry about your periods as long as they continue to be regular. But you should be vigilant in case your monthly menstrual cycle alters in any way. A hormone imbalance or an underlying illness may be indicated by severe or unexpected health problems during a period. These can call for a change in lifestyle, home care, or medical attention.

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In an interview with HT lifestyle, Dr. Sudha Asthana, Head Gynecologist at JP Hospital in Bhopal, shared, five period problems that you should not ignore.

  1. Heavy menstrual bleeding

If your period lasts longer than seven days, you bleed through a pad or tampon in less than an hour, or both then you might be suffering from Menorrhagia which is a medical term for an abnormally heavy or protracted period. Heavy menstrual bleeding may potentially be an indication of a condition that causes excessive blood loss as well as other health problems. Because of the significant blood loss, you may feel exhausted, low on energy, or short of breath. Consult your doctor for proper evaluation and consultant.

2. Your period often takes you by complete surprise.

Unexpected menstruation is a common and troublesome menstrual cycle issue. Irregular periods can be caused by a variety of factors and might signify a number of underlying medical issues. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult your doctor if you frequently experience the issue.

3. Missing periods

While it’s true that you can sometimes randomly miss a period for reasons like stress and fatigue but you shouldn’t ignore a long-term missing period. It can be smart to check with your doctor in case you miss at least three menstrual cycles in a row.

4. You have debilitating mood issues before your period

When your estrogen and progesterone drop before your period, you may experience the typical mood swings that can come with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). But if you deal with severe mood swings, irritability, anger, a lack of enjoyment in things you usually enjoy, and other symptoms that affect your life then you should check with a doctor.

5. You experience unbearable migraines before or during your periods

Period migraines are another issue you can add to the list of common period problems. If you have to deal with unbearable migraines then see your doctor for help as it can be an indication of some underlying medical issue.

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